Famous Defective Product Cases

Companies develop products to ensure that their usability and life remains intact. Consumers purchase them as they are well aware of the company. It is a simple process which continues with the passage of time. However, it is not the case at all. The term defective product has been developed as it complies with the law and therefore makes it easy for the attorneys to present the cases. For some people, it is a matter of great concern which for others it is not. For the same reason, some people file lawsuits against the manufacturer or distributor whatever the case may be. In some cases, the plaintiff wins and vice versa. Defective product cases also draw ire of the human rights organizations if there is a fatality. Safety is the main concern that is related to defective products and for which the companies are sued. There are many cases in which hefty compensations are given to the customers in the UK and all over the world. By the way, you can protect your rights too – and for choosing good solicitor use a database of expert from all over UK, such as Solicitors.Guru. Some of them work by the no win – no fee scheme so you won’t lose anything in that case. The making of the product should be such that it allows the users to remain safe and secure all the time. We provide the major defective product-related cases:

General Motors defective automobiles

This one is serious and related to at least 31 fatalities all over the world. Some of the cars manufactured by the company in 2014 were defective. The fault lies in the ignition switch which switches off automatically while driving. The power wheel, as well as airbags inflation, was stopped as soon as this happens. This caused fatalities all over the world including the UK. Lawsuits were filed and the company had to recall all the models of 2014. The GM sued the ignition manufacturers and got about $10bn in compensation. The same amount was used to set up a fund for those involved in the fatal crashes. For GM motors this was the first time that large amounts were paid to the affected ones. GM motors since have been very selective in choosing the ignition manufacturers.

Philip Morris

This one is hilarious but still not a good one for the defendant. The company was sued by a woman in 1997. Reason well obviously that the company sold cigars and puffing this caused lung cancer to the plaintiff. The other brands were also sued by the same woman but it is Philip Morris that had to pay a hefty amount. About $28 million in damages and $850,000 for lawsuit charges were ordered to be paid to the company. Though the customer was at fault for smoking the company was sued as they were the ones manufacturing.

Merck Pharmaceuticals

This one leads to several heart attacks in the UK. The company was sued by one of the affected ones. The reason was that Merck UK did not tell the drug regulatory authorities about the problems associated with the drug. Vioxx was the drug in question and resultantly the company had to pay hefty amounts for the damages.